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About defty.

We're on a mission to revolutionise website creation for the millions of entrepreneurs that need a site but don't have the skills to build one

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Meet the team

We're a small (but perfectly formed) passionate team. All experts in our own right, we're a mixture of product owners, developers and designers who get the best results from working smarter not harder.

see more arrow Adam Smith

Adam Smith


Dad of 2, Adam has mastered the art of coding, feeding a baby and keeping a 2 year old in check all without breaking a sweat.

see more arrow Aliysa MacErlean

Aliysa MacErlean


Aliysa is a tech dabbling customer champion. A terrible dancer and proud team member of the best worst netball team (that's the top team in the bottom division!)

see more arrow Danny Brown

Danny Brown

Chief Technology Officer

A tech loving blogger and traveller. Always on the lookout for his next adventure Danny is taking his travels into his own hands with a private pilots license.

see more arrow Hannah Blair

Hannah Blair

Full-Stack Engineer

Hannah is enthusiastic about the intersection of tech and design for good. She is also loves playing and building virtual reality experiences, and is a keen badminton player and traveller.

see more arrow Sam Hill

Sam Hill

UX Designer

Sam is a enthusiastic Liverpool football fan, trash tv watching designer with a recent obsession for plants and boardgames.

see more arrow David Liu

David Liu

Full-Stack Engineer

David is a tech enthusiast with a background in linguistics. When not coding or dabbling with new languages, he enjoys playing piano, painting and cooking.

see more arrow Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

Full-Stack Engineer

Adam is a keen long distance runner, techno record collector and prolific bicycle builder.

see more arrow Daniel Trinidad

Daniel Trinidad

Full-Stack Engineer

Daniel is passionate about using tech to build products people love. An avid climber and traveller, his favourite place to travel to is Japan.