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It's time to get online

Time, money and technical knowhow are just a few of the reasons keeping people like you from getting a website but, with 67% of UK consumers looking online before hitting the high street, not having a site could be costing you.

It's time to get online
How defty can help

How defty can help

defty makes it easier than ever before to build a website. With just £20 and 20 minutes, you can create a personalised professional website for your business without having to write a single line of code.

Creating your website


Step one

Answer a few questions about your business and brand, and we'll create a personalised website just for you.


Step two

Your personalised site will be ready in minutes. Simply add your copy, apply any tweaks and go live.


Step three

Straight out the box your site will look beautiful with colours, typography and images that help get your site noticed.


an example colour palette

Smart colours

Automatic colour palette generated straight from your logo.

mobile phone editor preview

Build on the go

Build and edit your website on your computer or on the go on your tablet or mobile.

graphic showing undo and redo functionality

Time machine

Made a mistake? Go back in time as far as you like.

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Business Owners

Help us shape the future of the web and get access to our new platform before it's released.

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We're looking for talented Frontend, Backend, Full-Stack engineers and UX designers in the heart of London.

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